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Ursus Lager: A Romanian Fortune

Ursus Brew
Ursus is a Romanian lager brand that has been around starting around 1872. It is one of the most famous lager brands in Romania, and it is likewise sent out to numerous different nations. Ursus brew is known for its excellent and its rich flavor.

Ursus lager is made utilizing conventional preparing techniques and great fixings. The lager is blended with unadulterated spring water from the Carpathian Mountains and malted grain from the Danube Delta. Ursus brew is likewise matured with an extraordinary sort of yeast that gives the lager its exceptional flavor.

Ursus brew is accessible in a wide range of styles, including Pilsner, ale, dim lager, and non-hard brew. The most famous Ursus brew is the Ursus Pilsner. It is a light and reviving brew with a somewhat hoppy flavor. Ursus likewise creates various other well known lagers, for example, Ursus Premium, Ursus Dark, and Ursus Non-Alcoholic.

Ursus lager is a well known decision for the two Romanians and guests to Romania. A heavenly and invigorating lager is ideally suited for any event. Ursus brew is likewise a decent incentive at the cost. It is more reasonable than numerous other imported brews, yet it is comparably great.

On the off chance that you are searching for a heavenly and excellent lager, I suggest attempting Ursus brew. A Romanian fortune makes certain to please.


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